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What is MyPoule.nl

MyPoule is a online footballpoolmanager site, where you can easily create your own sub-pool to organize for your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. ..
So also good for societies, companies (SOHO and large companies) because there is no limit to the number of participants in the pool.

In order to create your own sub-group within MyPoule.nl it is needed to register for free.

Football pool tournaments

  • FIFA Worldcup each 4 year.
  • UEFA Europeancup each 4 years.

  • UEFA Champions League groupstage each year.
  • UEFA Champions League Finals each year.

  • UEFA European League groupstage each year.
  • UEFA European League Finals each year.

  • How does it work

    The advantage of MyPoule.nl is that you must completely fill the pool before the start of the tournament. So then you have no worries that you forget something in between to fill. After the end of the tournament wins the person with the best predictions, which will keep the pool exciting from the beginning to the end of the tournament.

    The predictions are visible to everyone in the same group after the tournament starts, and then no longer filled / changed. You can rely on a good, honest and easy online Football pool tournament at Mypoule.nl. There is no limit to the number of members in the group.

    MyPoule.com is associated with MyPoule.nl.

    MyPoule.nl makes football tournaments more emotional.

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