UEFA Champions League Football

The most important tournament in the professional club football in Europe.
In MyPoule.nl the Champions League split into two tournaments:

  • In the group stage with 32 teams do
    • 5 winners from the play-off round for champions
    • 5 winners from the play-off round for non-champions
    • 13 champions from associations 1-13
    • 6 runners-up from associations 1-6
    • 3 3rd placed teams from associations 1-3
  • In the Final Phase 16 teams do you 8 group winners and 8 runners-up of the group stage
    • First knockout round of 8 teams from 8 teams home-and-away matches
    • quarter-finals first knockout round of 8 winners
    • semi-finals the 4 quarter-finalists
    • Final the 2 semi-finalists
    New: The Champions League Final Phase, predict the tournament in 4 stages.

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