EURO 2020 sub-poule : PCI voetbal gezelschap Good Bad Ugly en meer

please predict all matches before 11-06-2021, a flag before your name means completed.

nr. name date joined
7Mijnholland29-03-2021 10:31:38
6Gait28-03-2021 16:41:53
The Stamper
5The Stamper07-03-2021 15:42:20
The Ugly
4The Ugly07-03-2021 15:22:18
The Eagle Eye
3The Eagle Eye07-03-2021 13:07:49
The Good
2The Good06-03-2021 15:36:26
The Bad
1The Badmanager05-03-2021 18:56:26

Sub-pool manager is responsible for optional prices and administer. is not responsible for any prices or administer, see terms and condictions.
  • Predict all matches before 10 june 2016.
  • A flag before your name means that your prediction is complete.
  • after June 10, you can see all predictions, there for only VIPs can.
  • Invite friends by e-mailing them this link:
  • Compact stand url:
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